A growing area of Black Orchid’s business is the reconfiguration of damaged jewelry and estate jewelry into new creations. Over the years, many of our customers have commented that they have a stray earring, broken jewelry or an inherited piece that is not to their taste just sitting in a jewelry box.  The earring is saved because they just may find the mate…someday.  The broken item can be repaired… someday.  And while there may be some sentimental or emotional attachment to an inherited piece, because they do not particular like it, they never wear it.

Let us help you to re-imagine and re-create your old and/or broken jewelry into a stunning piece that you will love to wear!

Customer supplied two ring shanks & an opal. Shanks were melted down & hammered into rounds & the opal was split in half to make a stunning pair of earrings.
Combined customer’s engagement ring, wedding band & husband’s wedding band containing one blue sapphire. Used engagement diamond, added a matching second sapphire to customer’s wedding band, sized the rings & soldered them together to create a beautiful heirloom piece.
Bezel-set customer’s stones from several pieces of old jewelry, then soldered them together to create this unique band. 14K yellow gold.
Inset customer’s diamonds into large blister pearl, then wrapped pearl w/sterling silver resembling coral to create this unique pendant.