CUSTOM DESIGN: Fabrication

As opposed to jewelry that has been cast, hand fabricated pieces are crafted directly from metal without the use of any wax carvings or molds.  A particular piece is fabricated by soldering precious metal segments into position. In every situation, jewelry fabrication requires parts, preparation and bonding.  Sometimes the parts to be fabricated are created through jewelry casting.  In other scenarios, parts are fabricated from raw metal that is rolled or drawn into sheet and wire. Hand fabricated jewelry is a product of time, patience and a combination of ancient skills and technological advancements, making each piece unique and irreplaceable.

Sketch for enhancer pendant.
Finished piece. Customer supplied gold & gemstones -- diamonds & 24 ct aquamarine.
Sterling silver “Paint Brush” earrings w/18K yellow gold band, commissioned for customer’s artist daughter.
Diamond & emerald earrings from a customer's design.
Turquoise & sterling silver cufflinks & tie tack.
Fossilized coral pendant, inlaid w/bezel-set diamond & golden sapphire, on a spiny coral necklace.
Fossilized shark tooth w/trillium cut diamond, 14K white gold bail.
8 ct Amethyst pendant in 14K yellow gold (to resemble picture supplied by customer).