Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones are Black Orchid’s specialty. Owner Marc Fishbone has a passion for them – the usual and the unusual – sapphires in every color of the rainbow, rubies, garnets, opals, tourmaline, amethyst, alexandrite, citrine, iolite, chrome diopside, chrysoberyl, topaz, lapis, rubellite, labradorite, and more!

Our gemstones have been personally selected by Fishbone and many have been brought back directly from buying trips to Sri Lanka.

Natural purple 6-point star sapphire from Sri Lanka.
13.63 ct Watermelon tourmaline.
Top: .45 ct Natural rare padparadscha. Center: 10 ct Kite-shaped hessonite garnet & diamonds.
3.60 ct Emerald with channel-set side diamonds in white gold.
Sliced corundum & tanzanite drop earrings in 14K yellow gold.
5.10 Natural blue/violet Ceylon sapphire in 14K yellow gold w/bead-set diamonds.
13 ct rare, 6-point star garnet in sterling silver setting.
5.5 ct Ceylon cornflower blue sapphire.